life is good

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Grace at Blockbuster

I'm struggling with this one. I've received the gift of undeserved, unmerited grace. I suppose it hasn't REALLY changed my life like I thought it would. I expected profound life-change, but no strangers are stopping me on the street to inquire about that special glow. I guess I'm the same old me even in this new culture of forgiveness.

I mean, I still turn my videos in at least 1/2 day late. But now, the all-powerful giver of all good (and crappy) videos has decided to give me the confusing gift of "The end of late fees". It's a confusing gift because when I check out movies they still say "this one's due on Sunday by noon". But then the wonderfully goofy blockbuster boy gives me a wink and says, almost under his breath, "or, whenever you like".

How am I supposed to respond to this? I still feel a little guilty returning a dvd late--I might after all be depriving another soul the life altering experience that is "Phantom of the Opera Hits the Screen". Yet the guy in the blue shirt said it's ok. Well, regardless, somewhere within the confines of a business model, Blockbuster found a way to give its customers a break.

Don't get me wrong, God has not changed his mind about the church--deciding instead to go with a video chain to usher in the Kingdom. I know that someone ran the numbers and the bottom line and projections looked good for Blockbuster. But still, compared to the state of TN with its handling of state sponsored health care, blockbuster looks to be in line behind Pope john Paul to be canonized.