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Friday, May 11, 2007

Blogging for a Resume

Sorry if you have come here looking for an actual post. After being dumped by the Methodist Blogroll on two occassions for going a month without posting, I thought I'd spend my time in exile practicing other spiritual disciplines. Someday, I my pennance may lead to blogroll-worthiness once again!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

blogs vs. podcasts

I've discovered myself devouring podcasts at an increasing rate lately. Ever since we started making our messages available on itunes, I've become hooked on listening to great pastors and preachers I admire. I usually listen while running. I usually only have time for a 30 minute run and that's close to the average length of a podcast sermon.

Here's what I'm enjoying these days, I'd love to know what other people are listening to.

*imago dei (Rick McKinley--of Blue Like Jazz fame)
*Church of the Resurrection (Adam Hamilton)
*Mars Hill (Rob Bell--also does Nooma Videos)
*Ginghamsburg (Michael Slaughter)
*Cartalk Call of the Week
*Whad'ya Know the News That Isn't
*Prarie Home Companion-News from Lake Wobegon
*Sonny Rollins Video Podcast
*Emergent Podcast
*Chapel Hill UMC

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jenny on Your Pod

I'm stoked to let you know that you can find one of Jenny's songs on the emergent podcast. "Love You Like That" is featured after a conversation with Doug Pagitt from the mainline emergent event at Columbia last January. Find it here and subscribe to the podcast through itunes. It's a great way to be in conversation with others in the outposts of God's movement in the church today.

There's a link on to Jenny's e-press kit. Her website is days away from completion too.

Check it out!

Jenny will be opening for Beth Neilson Chapman in Tullahoma next Friday evening, March 30th at 7:30pm. A few tickets are available through South Jackson Civic Center

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Come on, get SOAPY!

When he arrived in Tennessee two years ago, our bishop encouraged the use of a Life Journal for scripture study and prayer. I was already using a Guide to Prayer from the Upper Room and found it hard to switch gears. But the bishop cranked it up a notch by taking the journal on-line. I've never seen anything so user friendly come out of the UMC. I'm loving it, check it out!

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Monastery X 6

I'm part of a group of pastors who have received a grant to study monastacism and sabbath. Each of us are visiting a different monastery somewhere in the States this year. You can follow our experiences of Methodist Monastics.

Jacob Armstrong has just posted thought from his experiences at Holy Trinity in Arizona.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ocean Springs Day 3

Another great day of work.

My heart is with a good friend Nancy who has given much of herself to my daughter Gracie. She lost her husband this week. Her husband Sonny used to come over at Christmas time as his alter-ego Santa. He had a great heart and loved his wife very much. If you pray, please pray for Nancy.

Back in MS, we redid the floor we completed yesterday, the plumbing's done and most of the painting is done. I've learned that the adhesive used on floor tiles is quite sticky and I my fingertips are somewhere underneath the floor of a house in Ocean Springs.

The team member of the day is the Cumberland District Superintendant, Ron Lowery. To become a DS you must express great wisdom at the drop of a hat. So when asked to share a bit he said this, (brace yourself)

"Keep the line straight and don't let the paint drip."

That's Ron on the left and Chef Jim on the right.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ocean Springs Day 2

Above is a picture of our team taking lunch on the front porch of the house we're working on. You can't really see it all, but the area behind the house is somewhat of sunken area. The waters from Katrina would have been over our heads and halfway to the roof.

We did some floor work today, and part of the team finished the plumbing. We're going to see a lot of change over the few days we're here, but as my bro-in-law Jeff pointed out, it's hard to realize we won't see it to completion.

And now for the team member of the day... It's Jim Ricketts. Jim owns his own contracting business in Chapel Hill so he's one who actually knows what he's doing around here. He's one of the greatest guys I've met in a long time, but I couldn't pin him down for a quote. So I'm forced to go with some things overheard throughout the day.

"Well, I'd be dipped!"

"I've been waylayed."

There are many others, but Jim is so busy serving God with the gifts he has, that it's hard to get to pen and paper fast enough!

PS Although I'm seated and laying down in the pictures above, I really do work!