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Monday, January 22, 2007

Ocean Springs, MS

I'm in day one of working out of Camp St. Paul in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. It's very exciting to be in this place that so many have called base camp while serving hurricane victims for much of the last 18 months.

My team started work on a home that is in the middle of town but backs up to a marshy meadow with a waterway flowing through it. It's beautiful. The house sits up high on the edge of the "swamp", most of the house is elevated high above the low ground before, yet still the waters of Katrina were waist high. It's hard to imagine how much work has already been done on the house, it's ready for flooring to go in, we put another coat of paint on and new plumbing is going in this week.

the full time workers at camp St. Paulo's say that the locals know who we are when they see us in town. They notice that we travel in clumps. The amazing thing is a guy at a rest stop just inside the Alabama state line recognized what were traveling for. Just because we were a group of guys heading south!

Here's a look into some of our crew...

Meet Larry Symons!

His thoughts on day one... "It amazes me how devastated people must have been...yet many people are fighting back and rebulding."

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