life is good

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ocean Springs Day 3

Another great day of work.

My heart is with a good friend Nancy who has given much of herself to my daughter Gracie. She lost her husband this week. Her husband Sonny used to come over at Christmas time as his alter-ego Santa. He had a great heart and loved his wife very much. If you pray, please pray for Nancy.

Back in MS, we redid the floor we completed yesterday, the plumbing's done and most of the painting is done. I've learned that the adhesive used on floor tiles is quite sticky and I my fingertips are somewhere underneath the floor of a house in Ocean Springs.

The team member of the day is the Cumberland District Superintendant, Ron Lowery. To become a DS you must express great wisdom at the drop of a hat. So when asked to share a bit he said this, (brace yourself)

"Keep the line straight and don't let the paint drip."

That's Ron on the left and Chef Jim on the right.