life is good

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I had a scary out-of-body experience when I tuned into NPR this morning. for just a moment, I identified with Toby Kieth--(that's painful to admit-I'm still thinking about deleting it...). I was mad. Not in the sense that I want to take a sharpie to the next bomb that drops from an American plane, but I'm mad because maybe at last the powerful G8 was going to discuss poverty, illness, and injustice. At last, poor nations in Africa were gong to be on the radar of the self-interested West.

Today's bombings cost at least 40 lives in London, and by extension, an untold number of lives around the world. I know the pastoral response is to proclaim how much more profound is the hope we have in Christ, but I'm mourning the loss of focus on people without voices.

I'm so excited by glimpses of God's Kingdom that I want it to take root everywhere and in everyway. Perhaps the G8 is not the place to put our hope. Hmmm, I'm going to church.