life is good

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Grace at Blockbuster pt. 2

So, I really don't go to Blockbuster THAT often, but lately I've been mesmerized by their gracious presence in the community (see previous post). This weekend, I went to the video store for what may be the last time (We're going a different route with our movies these days), and it struck me--how I respond to the "no late fee" phenomenon really matters.

The Blockbuster guy (who seems a little fidgity these days--lack of job security?) said, "It's due...let's say...Sunday at noon." What I wanted to say in reply was, "I'll do my best." or "We'll see about that." because I know (and he knows that I know) that I could turn it in next wednesday and there's nothing he can do about it.

Then it struck me and here is the clearest picture of sin that I have... When grace is extended to you and you throw it back in the face of the one or the One who offers it--that's sin. Separation from God that is the result of an informed decision. I know that God desires to shower me with grace, but when my response is one that tests God, when I give a half-hearted "Yea, I'll do my best" in reply I am farther from God then I even know.

And thus my awful comparison between God and Blockbuster ends. Forgive late fees.