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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hey! Get your kids in church!

No, I'm not trying out a new approach to evangelism (YELLING really hardly ever works!), but I have an even deeper sense of what it means to be the church today, and it's because someone decided to bring their two-year-old to church.

Young children are so often thought of as a distraction in worship--and I suppose they are, but distractions are not always bad. Last Sunday, I was inviting the congregation into silent prayer. I said, "Let's Pray". Our time of silent prayer was greeted by a wonderful rendition of "God our Father" with full echo and everything. You see, my lovely wife has begun to bring our two-year old daughter into worship. "God our Father" has become our mealtime prayer.

I know I'm an emotional daddy, but come on, how do you then lead a spoken prayer after such an act of worship? My heart is still bursting just thinking of it. I can't begin to comprehend how the heart of God receives such praise. Please, please if at all possible, bring your kids to worship!