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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Purity, Peacemaking, and Reconciliation

We returned from a great vacation to Maryland last week. Happy to report that our daughter handles 15 hour car rides with much patience (aided by Jenny's stellar parenting techniques).

Upon returning, I guess I expected that vacation "feel" to continue. It didn't. I felt a void of grace from most directions, and began to realize that I was having trouble with forgiveness. A timely sermon reminded me to reach out for a reliable friend, John Dub-yah. Paul Chilcote has written 52 great prayers that are born from some of Wesley's sermons.

"...You have called me to be a peacemaker. The desire to reconcile and to be reconciled is a primary characteristic of your true children.

While you call me to be pure, you also call me to do those things that make for peace. Create a new spirit within me that detests all strife and contentious debate, all useless discord and violence. May I rejoice in every opportunity to do good to others.

Lord, pacify my heart that my life might reflect your peace."